The Reverse Diet

I know what you are thinking this is just some garbage diet aimed at making me fatter and for you to laugh at me, and to be honest I thought the exact same thing when I heard of it. But I have something important to tell you It Works!

The Reverse Diet is simple instead of eating less calories weekly and tanking your Metabolism, what you do is you eat an extra 100 calories above your TDEE every day for one week. After that week you boost it another 100 calories, and so on and so forth.

So for example if my TDEE is 3000 calories per day I will eat 3100 every day for a week and do the same exact activities and exercise as I usually do. On week 2 I will eat 32000 daily.

How does this work? What you are doing is keeping your body fed in fact since you are over your TDEE your body is in a state of being overfed but since you are not a huge amount over your TDEE your body doesnt turn those extra calories into fat but actually tries to increase your natural metabolism to burn those excess calories off.

Now I know you would love to hear about some results so I will tell you about my experience. During my grand weight loss a couple years ago I was dieting at 2000 calories per day with lots of cardio and weight lifting. I wasnt too hungry, felt no stomach pains and maintained a weight loss of 2 pounds per week with this method. Now I had a couple weeks on vacation in there where I ate far above that calorie intake and the weight gain in fat was obvious. Now fast forward to this year I wanted to enjoy food at Christmas so in November I started to increase my calories by 100/day every week. Starting at 3100 calories/day on November 22. I bumped it up by 100/day every week and now starting week 8 tomorrow I am eating 3800 calories/day and I cannot seem to maintain my body weight where it is and ironically I am weighing in at the same weight I was 8 weeks ago.

Now I have heard that some people call it a rubish diet, but what I really think is that their diet wasnt on point and they were not eating clean foods but eating a lot of bad foods leading to fat gain.

But take this with a grain of salt with any of my dieting/training advice and see what works for you, this is just another technique to add to your weight loss repertoire!