Red Carpet-Ready Movie Star Fitness Review

Looking at celebrities on TV, don’t you wish you had the same great bodies and look as good as they do?

Well, Valerie Walters Red Carpet-Ready Movie Star Fitness program can help you achieve the same body as your favorite celebrities.

Walters experience in training with celebrity clients enabled her to get hold of the key to achieving a celebrity body in just 6 weeks.

Her Movie Star Fitness program does not require you to spend countless hours working out, nor do you have to spend most of your day on the treadmill.

This exercise program however is specifically targeted for women.

Since most of the training programs that Walters conduct with these movie stars in preparation for a movie role or red carpet event must be done in a short period of time, she promises to do the same for you in 6 weeks.

The specifics of the fitness program will include knowing how to create the ultimate diet and exercise plan that will speed up the weight loss process.

There is also her unique “C & R Method” and “chair experiment”, which she is going to teach you if you decide to purchase the program.

To top it all off, she has listed 19 types of food that you need to eliminate from your meal plan if you want to achieve quick and effective weight loss.


1. Walters outline specific eating plan for each meals of the day to ensure that you remain fit and in good shape.

It does not prescribe a “starvation method” just to achieve the body you want.

2. It includes motivational techniques to keep you on track towards your weight loss plan.

3. Her program includes a secret diet method that will keep your body guessing by creating the illusion that you are not dieting when in fact you are –ensuring that you continually burn fat.

4. During your 6-week training program, you will undergo comprehensive training methods that will target specific parts of your body.

5. It features a New Body Tracker that teaches you how to monitor your daily meal and workout plan to ensure that you retain the shape you have.


1. Although the Movie Star Fitness program is quite promising, it includes several “magic” or “secret” methods to achieving the movie star look.

2. Since Valerie Walters is a celebrity fitness trainer, her services comes with a staggering price.

Even with a discounted price, you can only get access to her Movie Star Fitness program for $77.

This is quite expensive to think that it is not a lifetime access but is good only for 2 months.


Achieving a body similar to celebrities is a dream for most women.

This makes Valerie Walters Movie Star Fitness program such a great opportunity to get the secrets of celebrities when it comes to diet and workout.

This is a reliable option but only if you are willing to pay the price.

It does not provide any breakthrough information though and you could probably find a cheaper yet more suitable workout plan for your body type.