How Can I Lose a Stone Fast

If you want to know how you can lose a stone fast, you have to understand calorie deficit. Ensuring you are consistently in deficit is the only way you are going to lose a stone of fat.

This means that day after day you should be burning off more calories than you consume through your food. When you are in deficit, your body will start to eat in to your fat reserves to make up the difference.

Which is why calorie deficit is the key to your weight loss.

But how do you make sure you are in calorie deficit?3 methods of calorie deficit to help you lose a stone fast

The easiest and most obvious of the methods is to cut your calories. That is, reduce your calorie intake to lose weight.

It is much easier than you might think. To start with, cut out your junk foods, like chocolate, cake, and sweets. You know what they are. If you can’t cut them out completely, at least save them for the occasional treat.

Then you need to reduce you intake of starchy foods. This includes pizzas, pasta, break, rice, and potatoes, and the like. They tend to be really high in calories, and if you don’t burn off these excess calories they will be turned in to fat.

The next method is to increase your NEAT. I can hear you now, what on earth is he talking about?

Well NEAT, or non-exercise activity thermogenesis, refers to all the calories you can burn off, without specifically exercising, simply by moving around and being more active.

As an example, try standing up and pacing the room the next time you are on the phone. Or jump off the bus a stop earlier, take the stairs instead of the elevator, park further away from work, walk to the local shops, do the gardening more. There are many ways like these to increase your calorie deficit.

And finally, the last method to help increase our deficit, is good old fashioned exercise. If you want to lose weight fast then there is no escaping exercise. The greater the calorie deficit, the quicker the weight loss. And exercise really does boost your deficit.

See how to burn 1000 calories every training session to make the most of your deficit. Follow these simple rules and you can lose a stone fast and easily.