Does sex make you lose weight?

Can sex make you get fat?

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Yes and No!  Straight down to the point is that sex is a form of calorie burning and so the act of sex helps your body to burn off calories and therefore technically you should lose weight.

Sex can make you fat.

If sex involves burning off of calories then how is it possible that sex can make you get fat? Sex goes far deeper than just a casual fling in the night and as a deeper emotion, sex and more importantly, how the sex is performed may very well determine if you are going to gain weight or lose weight.

I have studied people for many years and even as a young teenager I always loved to study people and their lifestyles. One thing that I noticed very often was that beautiful young and sexy girls would start to enter into casual sexual relationships and sometime become what can be termed as a sexually active with a variety of partners. The trend that amazed me was that often these very girls would soon start to pick up weight and get a little chubby and even quite obese. There is also the opposite reaction where the person may be thrown into anorexia or bulimia instead of gaining weight and becoming obese.

Further studies into deeper sexual deviations brought out some more interesting facts. I could not help but notice that the deeper that the people dived into sexual deviations, the fatter the average people became. This trend was mainly found in women and I am not talking about models that are paid to pose for magazines and porno sites, but rather those who have been caught up in these sexual deviations.

The real worst that I have noticed is found in the women involved in the demeaning fantasies of  BDSM. Most of these women, who are often paired up with sadist or disciplinarean men, are plain fat.

Is the connection between weight and sexual deviation just a coincidence?

No. Dr Frank Smoot has confirmed many of my personal findings in the relationship between self esteem and weight gain. You see, there is a distinct relationship between how you view yourself and how much weight you gain or lose. When your self esteem is high, your weight is low, and when your self esteem is low, your weight is high.

When you start to become sexually immoral or start to perform sexual deviations, you start to lose your self respect. As soon as you start to lose self respect, your weight starts to show. it does not matter how many calories that you burn in sex or how many times that you have sex, or even how much you diet, you will gain weight when you lose your self respect.

The above shows clearly just why the young girls would gain weight after becoming sexually active and why many of those involved in deeper sexual deviations such as BDSM, are overweight no matter how many diets they go on.

There is only one way that you can successfully and permanently lose weight that is gained as a result of loss of self respect. By the way, low self esteem is not only caused by sexual deviations, but can be caused by a huge spectrum of factors that are either in or out of your personal control.

Regaining self esteem and losing weight.

It is possible to reverse the process and to start to regain your self esteem. As soon as your self esteem starts to improve, your weight will start to go down.

Dr Frank Smoot, who also recognised the relationship between self esteem and weight issues, designed a course that enables you to get down  to the root of your problem that is causing your low self esteem, and to correctly address the issues, enabling you to get back onto track and increase your self esteem.

Did I mention that emotional eating is one of the prime causes of weight gain and that there is no diet or diet supplement that can effectively treat and cure weight gain as a result of emotional eating. That is of course with the exception of  Dr Frank’s incredible weight loss course that has proven time and time again that it not only cures and removes the emotional problems, but that the people start to lose weight easily without dieting and the weight does not return.
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Weight Gain from emotional eating and low self esteem is destroying you and should be halted forever. You will feel more confident and happy about yourself and the weight will simpy start to go away and never come back.