BodyCraft GLX Single Stack Home Gym

People who have been going to gyms and health clubs have, at one time or another, encountered several hassles and stress along the way.

Costly membership fees, traffic, parking lot issues, and high prices of gasoline plague you every day and when you get to the gym you will be greeted with crowded exercise spaces – with all machines occupied!

Thanks to residential fitness equipments such as the BodyCraft GLX Single Stack Home Gym, you can finally enjoy a good full body workout without all these hassles and enjoy them anytime, conveniently and comfortably in your own homes.

Such an equipment will be a great thing to come home to after a long and stressful day at work.

Product Description

The BodyCraft GLX Single Stack Home Gym is a top-of-the-line home gym from BodyCraft that features a bench press station, innovative cable system and a single weight stack of up to 150 pounds.

Users of all shapes and sizes can do a wide variety of exercises with this machine including different variations of bench, incline, and shoulder presses including mid-row exercises and leg extensions for a full body workout with intensities according to your fitness level and preference.

BodyCraft GLX Single Stack Home Gym Features Basically occupying user space of up to 71 x 64 x 83.5 inches, the BodyCraft GLX Single Stack Home Gym can consume space of only 75 x 73 x 82.5 inches if installed with an optional leg press.

The comfortable seat with lumbar support that is made from high-density foam and double-stitched vinyl covers, as well as the very neat platinum-gray power-coat finish gives the machine remarkable aesthetic properties that would fit well in any home.

The machine is built from highly durable heavy gauge steel tube frames, fiberglass-strengthened nylon pulleys, chrome plated guide rods, lat pull bars, curl bars, single handles, flexible aircraft cables, sealed ball bearings and appropriate straps – giving users a safe and secure workout system that can last them a lifetime. 


People who have been using the BodyCraft GLX Single Stack Home Gym are quite satisfied with the machine’s versatility and superb functional performance that can give users with a wide array of exercises for their every fitness needs: whether they require core strength training, sports-specific trainings or rehabilitation exercises.

From a single machine with varying station features, users can work on every major muscle group in their bodies including the chest, the abdomen, arms, and legs for a full body workout that were only available to them previously from expensive health clubs or professional gyms.


The BodyCraft GLX Single Stack Home Gym is an excellent exercise machine but is lacks some of the features of more established BodyCraft equipment such as the GL.

These differences however are minor such as the adjustable nylon straps.


Overall, the BodyCraft GLX Single Stack Home Gym is getting good positive reviews from many users, although it may be simpler and more compact than other home gym variations from BodyCraft.

It would be a great and cost-effective machine to have however if users wanted to have a good fitness equipment in their homes without breaking the bank.