Apex JD2.2 Flat Bench

One of the most basic strength training exercises to build your muscles and increase your strength is the bench press.

Both novice and professional athletes alike perform bench presses as often as possible as these exercises form the basic foundation to having a great looking upper body. The set of motions used in a bench press is natural and allows the person to handle more weight for a more effective training workout. There is nothing complicated with the exercise and anyone can easily perform and master the routine. Aside from that, the position provided by a flat bench is very comfortable and supports the user well during these routines. If you’re planning on having your own bench press unit at home, you can start by investing on a good flat bench like the Apex JD2.2 Flat Bench.

Product Description

The Apex JD2.2 Flat Bench is a compact, durable and quality bench that you can use to maximize your weight training routines right in the comforts and convenience of your own homes. Built with heavy duty materials, this flat bench is strong enough to use with rigorous ab and back exercises which users can perform with free weights. The upholstered construction and powder-coated finish not only adds to the equipment’s overall durability but gives great aesthetic aspects that would make this bench blend well with any room or section of your home.

Apex JD2.2 Flat Bench Features

When fully assembled, the Apex JD2.2 Flat Bench will measure only 43.25 x 14.25 x 18.25 inches and will not take up much space in your room or fitness area. The bench is constructed from durable square-tube frames made from heavy duty steel materials strong enough to withstand constant use with free weights or various ab and back exercises. The equipment also features a deluxe backpad with high density padding and upholstery for added durability and comfort of use. Manufacturer provides a 2-year limited warranty for every purchase of the Apex JD2.2 Flat Bench.


Compact and light, the Apex JD2.2 Flat Bench is very easy to assemble and yet users like it because of its solid construction, durability and stability. Unlike other inferior flat benches available in the market, the Apex JD2.2 is well-balanced and does not wobble when in use. Some reviews indicated that the padding is sufficient and comfortable to use and would be sturdy enough for use with people under 200 pounds with dumbbells on each hand.


There were several negative comments about the Apex JD2.2 Flat Bench particularly with regards to the strength of the weld and the legs. There were several reports that the weld broke off while in use, almost causing serious injuries to the users. In some case, the metal material of the legs itself tore or buckled under the weight even if the user and weight used was well below the maximum limits. Some users, particularly those who are tall and have larger build find the bench a bit short for them to use it comfortably.


The Apex JD2.2 Flat Bench is a good bench functionally although there are some complaints about its durability after the equipment is used for some time. Overall, the bench is a good equipment considering the low price, and would be a sufficient one to have at your home for basic bench press, triceps, biceps and other free weight trainings.